My world…my way!

It’s exciting when you reach a mile stone … when you’ve trucked so far, for seems like so long…and to some it may be minor but to you, you realise that little something made the hours of grafting some how worth while. 

I think sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back when other people may not notice and stop to think of how far you have come … when to other people it’s just another day, to mark it with a glass of wine or an afternoon of chill, instead of being so eager in trying to realise and push for your next goal.

Sometimes it takes another person … somewhere further away, someone that perhaps you haven’t been so close to in a while to tell you the distance that you have travelled. To have a website in your grasp, some serious financials tackled under your belt and an almost finished collection ready to show at four exhibitions on the run up to your first Christmas in the jewellery business. 

Today I got my first little snippet of press in the Birmingham Post, a piccie of my ‘Binate’ bracelet and twelve lines of Saloukee glory!! The same piccie was also shown on BBC Birmingham’s website HERE.

… nothing big but big enough for me, for now to know that I at least took a step…in the right direction … in the hope that one day I’ll reach my goals.

And I’d like to look back and see that I’ve taken notice of all of the hurdles and achievements I took note of along the way … and so the Saloukee blog was born 🙂


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