www.saloukee.com launched today!!

How exciting … hours, weeks and months of work … and now my very own little four page website …

… equipped with a home page and an oh-so navigable menu, a lovely 12 image gallery (piccies taken by me and a buddy in a barn on a farm on the outskirts of Malvern!!) an ‘about’ page with spectacular custom drawn CAD image, representative of one of my brill bracelets AND a contact page crammed with email link, mailing list and enquiry form …

www.saloukee.com was launched today…check it out!!

Website home page

It’s taken some amount of time to-ing and fro-ing with me and my mate ‘John’ but finally together we got there! I told him what I wanted and he went away and so efficiently did it … what a patient man he is … I mean you’d have to be, to accept that ‘it’s womens prerogative to change their minds’ and that sure was something I did quite a lot of!!

But so far comments have been positive and hopefully I’ve achieved something that has simplicity, delicacy and beautiful design … my aim for everything I create. All feedback is greatly accepted … this is my continual work in progress!

More things that have been buzzing my brain this week:

My first exhibition of ‘Saloukee’ jewellery at Flux, part of Brilliantly Birmingham, was put up today! Check out the catalogue online for details of the exhibition … and my work in a catalogue(!!) hehe, exciting stuff!!


Preview night is on Thursday and I have price tags, business cards and packaging all to magically create before then … as well as eating, sleeping, breathing to do … the mission is on : )

And still we’ve got our collective Design Space exhibition, ‘Frost’ to look forward to … so many more pieces to make look perfect, precise AND Devine … you know I love it really 😀

FROST: “A touring exhibition of glistening bespoke jewellery never seen before”

For the first time ever the Design Space incubates will be hosting a touring exhibition starting in St Paul’s Gallery, and finishing in Design Space. The exhibition includes 18 new designers, each and every one creating exquisite collections. Do not miss this one-off opportunity to view some of the newest, most unique and bespoke jewellery, because you will be sure to be left glistening this Christmas.

St Pauls Gallery,  ‘David Louis Project’Open Studios at Design Space

Last week, our Collective at Design Space had the chance to exhibit a piece of our work at The School of Jewellery for the launch of The Jewellery Quarter’s Website…our Space and exhibitions have also been included in that:


So here’s promising I’ll keep posting developments in my business during a very difficult climate … at least blogging I can look back and see how far I’ve come … that’s the theory anyway : )



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