Two dimensions won’t do!

Our twinkling Frost exhibition has now moved to the David Louis Project at Artful Expression on Warstone Lane , Hockley.

Somehow I managed to fill a whole cabinet with 10 sellable pieces of paper jewellery … I was never quite sure that I would see that day!

At the preview night on Tues 2nd Dec, I had a great response to my work … mainly people wondering ‘How I do what I do’ and ‘Where do my ideas come from’ … Of course reactions that I expect and some how second time round, I was a little more prepared and able to articulate an eloquent response.

I found that my brain also never ceases to amaze me as it continually aims to problem solve … often at the most inappropriate of circumstances! I often go to sleep unaware that I’m still considering a design obstacle from earlier on in the day/ the week/ the year and alas … just as I am drifting off into a world of floaty things … my mind decides to kick me back awake with enough consciousness  to rummage around bedroom floor for a notebook and pen … usually lurking at the depths of my handbag!

I find it amazing that you can look at something for hours on end and not find the solution and yet come to it a day later and the dusty depths of your brains finds the light bulb that’s needed to switch on the answer to your woes.

… but I assume that is what makes me the ‘creative’ that I am … this constant need to fulfill an idea in a tactile, three dimensional resolution … I can’t draw … oh no, it’s too infuriating … but give me a piece of paper, a napkin in a restaurant, a business card or a train ticket and I simply can’t help but fold it and play until it becomes something more visual to the touch.

I truly realised the need I have for exaggeration through gesture and practicality, when I saw of photograph taken of me at the exhibition, as I am explaining my work to a guest … it captures my hand mid motion … it has to be said in a somewhat ‘claw-like gesture’ … not so attractive but I know that I was just trying to animate and enthuse my listeners to illustrate my passion in what I do … a clarification of verbal ambiguity some may say … or for me…because words and two dimensions just won’t do!!

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For further pieces in Saloukee’s ‘To Cherish’ Collection, visit:
Photographs courtesy of Jennifer Ann Photography

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