Finding my inspiration … and why paper drives me crazy!

So christmas has come and gone and new year was some what more of a blur …

and getting out of bed on a Monday morning seems to get more difficult … especially when it’s so cold outside … but crisp, pure white snow was a pleasant surprise as I drew back my rather crumpled curtains at some ungodly hour.

Today I took down my work from my first ever Saloukee ‘real’ exhibition i was nicely surprised at how much I liked it. Crazy how when you take yourself away from your design and come back to it how different it can look … some how you can view it with a more objective perspective and dare I say appreciation!

So I spent the rest of the day in search of inspiration … trawling the net for a deadline, submission, brief to drive my beginning quarter of 09 … and now at 9pm I’m all giddy with excitement of all the possibilities this year holds … and although for sure it will be a tough one (with probably the continuing budget of a poor student and the rather understanding nods of my folks, a little closer than ) thought they would be at the age of 25!) I hope that this will be the year of ground work and recognition that puts me good stead for a successful business … and with that I remember why the heck I do what I do … because i love it and whilst it drives me insane with thinking … I just wouldn’t have it any other way … the tears, tantrums, sleepness nights are what drives the thrill … or so i’m attempting to tell myself!

After viewing just a handful of my inspirations, maybe others can appreciate my passion for all things paper-ee : )

molo design

Image extracted from Molo Design – these guys are wicked…I saw their designs first hand at 100% Design in the summer, great close up and fantastic to look back at what makes you stop in your tracks…well this is one of them for me- people worry about paper being fragile…I say not!

Jum Nakao

Image by Sandra Bordim extracted from Jum Nakao – I found this designer when I was studying for my BA Honours but what jaw dropping design to revisit and for me to display on the catwalk, with as much statement as this, would be a dream come true!

Heather Smith-Jones

Image extracted from Heather Smith Jones – beautifully intricate, delicately feminine designs; pattern and texture is something i’d definitely like to explore in my designs come 2009.

Rob Ryan

Image extracted from Rob Ryan … amazing … one day I SHALL make the cover of Vogue with my Saloukee designs ; )

w a t c h  t h i s  s p a c e …

love saloukee . . . x

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Paper/Rock(S), can’t wait to you your work on the cover of Vogue or the arm of Heidi.

    Keep us posted on progress won’t you…


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