Mum always said she would see me on Blue Peter…

Just a little note to myself to let me know that even though this self employed thing sure is tough … one small burst of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile … and so I must just write about it 🙂

Although January brought small bouts of blue, a hideously traumatic business plan and lists of lists that only seem to get longer … February brought just small things that make the wry smiles sneak back.

It may have been a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, but my first ever Saloukee-Man-Bracelet was featured on Blue Peter! Oh yes- an institution in itself and a integral part of all of our child hoods no doubt … and though Mum was hoping that one day it would have been me presenting the ‘here’s what I did earlier feature’ (making something ingenious out of toilet rolls and pipe cleaners of course) – something of mine really was on there!

 Ok, ok… you wouldn’t have known if you weren’t me, my immediate family or my enthusiastic friends … but it was there … honest. Ian Cook of Pop Bang Colour modelled the gorgeously glossy blue number as he painted with his remote control cars a huge Blue Peter Racing car. 

Blue Peter Racing Car!

Ooh oooh and today I had my Solitary Bracelet  featured in a well known jewellery newsletter called Bench Peg … it was nice to see it somewhere of relevance anyway … hopefully that will mean a few more hits to my website and a little more word spreading on my brand Saloukee!

check out the feature on the first page, it’s ‘Saloukee ‘ jewellery don’t you know 😀



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