I decided to begin tweeeeting today…

ok … ok so I caved today and joined Twitter … I’ve been intrigued for a while and heard people talking about it for ages … so with any of these things … I say … why not give it a try, I have to see what all the fuss is about after all!

So far, so good … although some how my whole morning has been eaten up by having a nose around this ‘free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time’ … however already I’ve seen some great design so I shall remain optimistic and open minded and keep you posted on my progress!

Revolution necklace with front bow

I’ve also created my very own Facebook group too where I even have my very own fans…this does excite me, although I’m more than aware that all of them are very lovely and supportive friends and family : ) but hey, the more the merrier hey … everyone loves a bit of paper art don’t they ; )

Lastly on my monthly round up (tis about time isn’t it!!) I shall be exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate from the 5th-7th April along with my gorgeous fellow designers from my Design Space workshop!

It shall be a great opportunity and for anyone interested in having a nose, do get in touch! To check out just some of the lovelies exhibiting with the spiffing Saloukee splendour, see these links for some of my favourites 😉

Tusheeta David: A very clever lady creating stunning contemporary pieces in acrylic


Clare Pardoe: A beautiful lady both inside and out creating sensual silverwear and jewellery…devine!

Louise Chesshire: A very kind, workshop buddy of mine who works with precious metals to create exceptional handmade silverware and jewellery!

Jennifer Ann Peel: A top lady who has a love for vintage fabrics and colourful creations…a must for tailor made pieces!


Ellie Murphy: A smiley lady who uses amazing colour and fantastic shapes to create dazzling pieces of jewellery..check out her thing!

Miranda Hughes: A lovely lady and uni friend creating gorgeous vintage beauties!

Ok that’s the lot for now … will keep updated with more exciting happenings soon … there’s sure to be some just around the credit crunch corner … right??!!!

All yours from the paper jewellery corner of the world,

Saloukee x


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