Oooo errr…some press for Saloukee!!!

Following a great week…Saloukee has been receiving some local and national press in all the very right places 😉

check these articles out…

In my local paper ‘Sarah’s a shining example!!’

In Retail Jeweller ‘Sarah Kelly…scoops award!!

In Jewellery Focus ‘Awarded to Sarah Kelly for her exceptional designs!!’

In Benchpeg Newsletter ‘dynamic, immaculately crafted…pieces!’ check out pg 26 for all the details!

ooo errrrr can’t be bad…and that thing I mentioned previously in the beauty of blogging…blogging quite simply rules…Saloukee has now been featured in another blog about laser cut jewellery…all the way over in New Zealand…take a look at ‘laser cut jewellery from A to Z’ by Ponoko. AND the clever thing with this blogging lark is the breadth of people worldwide it can reach…Creative Adoration  from Canada saw my jewellery on Ponoko and now they have written a very lovely blog too 🙂 check it out! 

Oh…oh and lastly…(even if it in Portuguese!) take a look at this ‘Jewellery in Paper’  blog…hmm yummy!

…with this wind in my sails, I’m off to the workshop following bank holiday to get me some new beauties created…so watch this space for new piccies very soon 🙂

Saloukee ribbon swatches- let the creativity commence!

Saloukee ribbon swatches- let the creativity commence!

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