Hoooraah for Saloukee!

Ok … excitable with an edge of angst … bursting with an smidge of sensibility … and smiling with a daunted look in my eye … but yet still smiling!

I LOVE this industry … it couldn’t be a bigger roller coaster … the highs and lows drive me crazy but the small accomplishments seem to trigger my focus onward, upward and into oblivion!

So … I WON THE SHELL LIVE WIRE GRAND IDEA AWARD!! Wooopee!! Not only was that lovely in itself … to get my hands on the cash to take me sailing towards Origin in October … but it was an honour to be judged highest marks in all of the judges categories … this game certainly isn’t about just being able to make things look pretty … I can be one to assure you of that!

Shell LiveWIRE - supporting bright young ideas

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more soon from the paper-loving-loveliness that is Saloukee x


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