Saloukee loves the Big Smoke!

Do you know what ?…Things are ticking away just nicely here in the world of all things Saloukee … Saloukee’s first show in the BIG SMOKE went just swimmingly … though losing my voice by day number two was less than ideal! eek!

I still chatted all I could and with the help of my fellow designer lovelies at my collective Design Space we managed to pull through! In fact I’d go as far as say that we stormed through, when my bench buddy Tusheeta David won the ‘Treasure Designer of the Year Award’– not only are we all proud to bits for her but knowing what goes on behind the scenes, I can vouch for the fact that this young lady is very much a deserving winner : ) Well done Tushie!! 

Treasure Show

As for Saloukee …. well the show was a great success, not only a fantastic chance to gauge a reaction for my jewellery but also a perfect opportunity for potential buyers to see my work close up! I promise that these little beauties are more robust than everyone thinks and the interaction people have with them when they get chance to hold them, is priceless.

Check out some of the great press I’ve received since the event:

The Wee Birdy Blog– One worth signing up to for things to do if you’re in London!

Hidden Gems at treasure– Spring fair include me in their Market news Round up for the event …Trends to watch out for!

If you fancy a smooze at the cute little design boutique– check out this cool blog for treats galore!

Beauty Confessional– chat Saloukee in amongst the likes of Louis Vuitton, Burberry & Calvin Clein…I for sure approve 🙂

and so for a sneak preview for avid bloggers, some new editions available online … check out these wearable statement pieces, a range of colours available on request … all you have to do is drop me a email ; ) 

Saloukee Unity Earrings

Saloukee Unity Earrings

Saloukee Disperse Earrings

Saloukee Disperse Earrings

these pieces are hot off the press … quite literally … keep an eye out for exciting new developments over the next few months … there’s lots of ideas in the memory bank!

and if you don’t believe me that paper is the way forward … check out this awesome article  for what’s hot … stay true to your vision … always.

S x

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  1. Awwwwwwwwww…… Thanks a ton Sarah…Your blog looks smashing!!

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