Saloukee HOT off the press!

I always get excited when people write things about me … I’m sure that sounds massively big headed but I hope you’ll forgive me when I explain that recognition from other designers/ creatives/ stylists/ writers is possibly to me the greatest praise for my work. There’s been a couple of exciting online articles lately that have really inspired me to strive on and make me wonder that perhaps the concept of paper jewellery isn’t so crazy after all : ) 

Pop Pervert Website

You actually can’t beat it when someone sees your work and just ‘gets’ it!! Check out the pop pervert website for the full article!

Trendhunter Website

We all know how much I love fashion … trends prediction and forecasting has always been a great interest of mine…chuffed to bits I was when Saloukee’s jewellery was featured on Marissa Brassfield’s Latest Trends. Marissa’s the Editor & Head of Advertising at Trendhunter, so really great for her to have noticed my work! Check out the Trendhunter site for the full article and a ton more exciting up coming fashions! World famous design junkies website

Finally ,another great website which Saloukee’s been seen on lately is World Famous Design Junkies. Publisher Chris Burns aim is to ‘share the most excellent moments of design genius from the greatest (and most undiscovered) design minds in the world before they’re posted anywhere else.’ To that I shall not argue…instead I shall be honoured…even if he does think they look like they come from space…only my head space, I might add : ) Scroll down to find the full article here.

smiling as I sign out at nearly midnight … oh the work of a keen-ooo designer!x


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