The beauty of something not lasting forever … by Saloukee

Why is it something needs to last forever??!! …The concept of impermanence in my work has always been a difficult one … because people for generations have been made to believe that jewellery is made to be passed down their family, to last until it breaks apart, to be fixed then fixed again so perhaps it doesn’t look like it once did? Though I’m not saying that this shouldn’t be be case, nor am not ALL for reusing and remaking preloved beauties, but I’d also like to make note of how incredibly disposable our society is in so many ways.

There’s few people who could say that they’ve not picked up a eye catching top off the rail without chance of trying it on and then realising when they get it home it just doesn’t fit and is destined for the recycle bin. Or snatched a bargain from a shop because they just simply wanted something ‘new’ for a night out. I think we’ve all been culprits of it at some point or another. And whilst I’m not at all suggesting this is the way forward or that this frivolity with fashion is healthy, I’d like to make the point that such frivolity is somehow accepted when it comes in fabric form.

Never would I like to see my jewellery being bought as something to throw away, nor do I want a customer to ever believe they would want or could only wear it once. More the point I’d like anything purchased, given or recieved to be seen as valuable. To me, though my paper jewellery of course won’t last forever, nor will survive in the shower or whilst doing the washing up!! However, why can’t something bought be treasured for the beauty it beholds, to be appreciated for the tactile sensations that ensues from it touch and be nutured because it’s simply precious and special for the story it tells. I can’t explain how many times I’ve answered the question ‘but what happens when it rains?’ and though I don’t dismiss that rain is a pretty regular occurence in this wonderful country of ours (!!), I’m getting good at explaining ‘well you wouldn’t buy a silk pair of shoes and go stomping in puddles would you!!’ or ‘if you spent money on an exquisite handmade hat for the races, would you take an umberella or stand in the rain?!’.

Though it’s very hard answering such questions and spending your time justifying your need to design in the way you feel is true to your passion, I do believe there’s enough people who ‘get it’ without explanation that makes what I do worth while.

jeroen wand paper chairAnd this little beauty I really ‘just got’- Hiphonest presented the sustainable design and fashion exhibition ‘Beauty can save our world’ at the Dutch fashion trade fair Modefabriek earlier in the summer. Designer Jeroen Wand underlines the beauty of ageing with his ‘Paper Chair’ made from 35 layers of paper.

 ‘While using the chair, it will get worn out and folded at the edges. All these marks together tell you the story of things that happened with the chair before. Like your favorite pants. Worn, over and over again. Although it’s falling apart, you still keep on wearing it. And every time it gets more beautiful. This underlines that using a product can be an added value. Same for the chair. By using it, the chair becomes your favorite chair.’

Though I’d prefer not to associate my jewellery with anything near the subject of ‘pants’, I love the concept that by creating only ‘favorite’ products, we might be able to provide a solution to our overconsumption problem, even though favorite products are so difficult to be replaced….get loving and favouriting I say!

Ok… that’s that off my chest … hee hee … yours Saloukee x



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