Saloukee at Origin ’09

So Origin was a little bit ago now but what with the aftermath,  followed by Christmas … time now comes to put up some piccies of the event!

Highlights for me included:

  • Sharing a stand with the both lovely and talented Moon Young Shin even if she did give me a stinking cold ; )
  • Meeting countless inspiring designers who exhibited beautifully in the surroundings near my stand, Louise Chesshire, Clare Pardoe, Leila Arzaghi, Sangeun Kim, Jacqueline Cullen, Mary Jane Evans, Jo Gordon, Tanya Igic, Laura Thomas and Sarah Tyssen. What an honour and fulfilled  ambition it was to be a first time exhibitor at Origin, accompanied by both new and established creative minds!!
  • Having students tell me that my work was their favourite at the entire show 🙂
  • Being ask to write a book, become a visiting lecturer and undertake workshops giving arty folk an insight in my paper world!
  • Having the biggest orders placed by gentlemen for their wives as Christmas presents- ahhh!!
  • Having my work appreciated by not only English folk but from visitors from countries worldwide, it really made for interesting conversation!
  • Having my work selected by top fashion stylist Sophie Kenningham as one of her favourite fashion items of the entire show!
  • Having people comment on my display choice, nearly as much as my jewellery!!
  • To finally have months of stress, hard work and sleepless nights culminate into something I could show friends, family and admirers alike, what the fuss was all about!

All in all, I can honestly say it was a hugely successful show for me as a first time exhibitor and a real accomplishment & milestone for Saloukee! : ) x


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