Saloukee takes on Europe at Sieraad!

So I’ve been to Amsterdam a couple of times and simply could not wait to return. One of the most beautifully inspiring cities I’ve ever visited in my life. Also a city I’d love to live in some day, whenever I’ve been there, I’ve always felt an amazing contentment.Visiting again (even if it was a little rainy in November) revealed its charms all over again to me! Quirky cobbled streets, elegantly tall bowing building, canals which contours shape the city, dainty galleries and antique shops at every corner you turn, stunning locals navigating expertly on their bicycles inbetween the bustling trams … dreamy I’d say  : )

and then after a long journey through the night we arrived at our venue for Sieraad … and there I was again falling in love all over again!! The venue, an old gas works was simply breathtaking!!

Sieraad building

There were some great British representation there too and a little glimpse of a Saloukee ‘Solitary Bracelet’ even made it on to the advertisement for the event…which was seen on billboards around the city!

Sieraad 09 Flyer

I found there was an originality at this show, different to England. Though I was a little surprised that the typical Dutch persons’ taste was more reserved than the English!! My work seemed to be some of the ‘wackiest’ there!

So my highlights:

  • Organising, travelling and staying with the wonderful Miss Sally Collins (Since she’s become the lovely Mrs Cole!) whose giggles, organisation and general sweet nature made the trip so enjoyable! An ex loughborough student & design space candidate none the less 😉
  • Speaking to galleries from all over Europe who will purchase collections, rather than take on sale and return- yipee!!
  • Selling jewellery to clients who have ‘Nel Linssen’ pieces in their collection … an honour and liestone for me!
  • watching quizzical Dutch ( who tend not to be as tactful as us overly polite English!) say ‘mooie, mooie’ over and over…luckily it meant ‘beautiful’ 🙂
  • Attaining stockists in Brussels, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf
  • Tasting the Dutch culinary delights and ice cold beer after a long day of standing on your feet!!

It was exciting too, to get a bit of press coverage- with credit given to the hard working organisers of Sieraad!

An article from Asia’s premiere glossy for Luxury Jewellery, ‘Luxx Magazine’

LUXX Magazine

 Saloukee featured in German Jewellery Magazine ‘GZ’ in Nov 09 edition.

GZ Magazine, Nov 09

Saloukee ‘Flock Brooch’ featured in ‘AD Weekend’ Magazine.

AD Weekend Magazine

So all in all, much fun had by all, well worth the adventure outside of the UK!

 S x

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