Saloukee concludes that tenaciousness overides doubters every time …

At Christmas, after a hectic year I decided that I’d given Saloukee a huge amount of my love and energy and on boxing day I made the decision it was high time to find me, Sarah Kelly again.

Sometimes as a designer (especially someone who is self employed) it’s often hard to see the wood from the trees, to look outside of the box when you are so enthralled, engulfed even in your business everyday. It’s amazing how easily your perspective on life gets warped and how appreciation of what often are the little things, get a lost somewhere along the way.

For me, I was lucky enough, to leave responsibility behind me and take a trip to South East Asia … 5 weeks of time away from reality was heavenly!

China, Vietnam and Thailand were independently conquered by just me and my trusty rucksack. I can truly say that this time was utterly priceless … for both myself and my business … and I would more than thoroughly recommend it … if you get the chance!!

I found the love, the inspiration and the determination that had weakened in the few months previous … and I came back so revitalised. I accept the cliches and I now realise my full reality … but feeling such freedom was life changing.

And in my first blog since my return, I wanted to include some photos which I enjoyed taking … these were all from all over … what an amazing place …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think it’s perhaps the way my mind works (or perhaps a little strand of secret OCD!) that draws me to multiples, repetition and carefully ordered groups … either way, I like them all the same  ; ) x


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