Saloukee quite loving 2d to 3d!!

I’m always fascinated by the sheer genius of other designers … there’s just so many beautiful products out there that need some recognition!  I love the concept that such amazing 3 dimensional objects can be made from something that started from just sheets of lovely paper, as flat as a pancake!

‘Pleated Pleat Stool’- from ‘Raw Edges Design Studio’

(a collaboration between Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay)

‘Green Berry Tea’ by Natalia Ponomareva.








‘Infinity’ and ‘Q card’ creations by Masahiro Chatani, the master of Origamic Architecture. Available for purchase on my new favourite shop Upon a Fold.

‘Ruff’ by Millie Cockton

‘Wetfolded watercolour paper’ by Richard Sweeney – who saloukee  has the honour of exhibiting with in the summer at ‘Paper Artsy’ at Rye Art Gallery.

So those are my little treasures for today…yummy! : )


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