… daydreaming is a must …

The last couple of months have been a bit of a blur with juggling so many things within my business and generally trying to keep up with all the many other things life seems to throw at us all … and this week seems to have gone by quite non-existently … and I realise I must be getting older when I find myself saying “I can’t believe how quickly time flies” …

I wonder whether my absent week of nothingness has had something to with the way my mind has been wandering lately … I’ve found myself on the most incredible daydreams, more so than normal …

Farwell Building

but I think that sometimes it is nice to daydream … perhaps even at a push I’d say it’s a integral part of being ‘creative’ … to take yourself to a place where noone else can interrupt you in your very own thoughts … to let your mind be free and let your soul be massaged … if even just for a little while …

United Artists Theater

… during my dreamy time, a very lovely friend showed me some of the most beautiful photography that I’ve seen in some time, which completely takes me into the land of  ‘make-believe’, yet of course  is actual reality …

Fabian Theater, Paterson

what better place to daydream than in these incredible interiors …

Ballroom, Lee Plaza Hotel

for more check out Marchand Meffre’s Website.

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