Saloukee moving forwards…

It’s time to take a look a some of the wonderful places Saloukee has been seen in lately … time to sit back and appreciate some progress I think! 

Current exhibitions Saloukee can be found at in the UK include: 

Paper Art See, The Easton Rooms, The Rye Art Gallery, East Sussex 

22/05/2010 – 04/07/2010  

An exhibition showing the extraordinary work in paper by the following artists: Josh Baum, Eleanor Cardwell, Sher Christopher, Lorna Crabbe, Suzanne Juta, Oona Patterson, Alix Swan and Richard Sweeney

From Pulp, Craft in The Bay, Cardiff  

15.05.2010 – 04.07.2010  

An exhibition which gives insight into the innovative applications of paper into contemporary applied art in the UK. Seven artists have been invited to exhibit in “From Pulp” … Carol Farrow, Shellie Holden, Sasha Kingston, Hannah Lobley, Sabrina Meyns, Gill Willson and Saloukee of course!

Saloukee can also be seen in a number of stockists throughout Europe:

Spiegelgasse 8 Gallery (sister gallery to the renowned Tony Subal Gallery) for ‘design and art objects’, situated in the heart of Vienna… 

Spiegelgasse 8 Gallery, Austria

Also in Alto Galleria, ‘modern and contemporary art jewels’ situated in beautiful Brussels…

 Check out Saloukee’s jewellery in the window above …

Paper seems to be taking world by storm at the moment too … about time I’d say … but check out these lovely exhibitions Saloukee has had the honour to be part of recently …  

An amazing exhibition of designers who use folding and pleating techniques in their work. Galerie Handwerk, Germany … sees Saloukee jewellery sitting alongside work by the likes of Molo Design (previously blogged about by Saloukee) Tine de Ruysser and Naoki Takeyama to name but a few … 

Also in the beautifully curated ‘Paperficial’ exhibition at ‘Craft 2EU’ in Hamburg, Germany … 

Which showed works by artists who either work in paper or who design works where the material is treated like paper. Designers include the likes of Astrid Keller, Beate Eismann and Leah Miles to name but a few…

And of course not forgetting the BIGGEST project Saloukee has on at the moment … oh … just the writing of a book on ‘paper jewellery’!! Oh yes … it’s well under way … the projects are named and the designers are being sought … just for the mammoth task of writing … so watch this space for developments!

That’s you updated … signing off, Saloukee x 


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