Saloukee happy times …

It’s been some time since I felt this contented … and I am loving the fact that Saloukee is bringing me so much fulfillment, satisfaction and enjoyment. No doubt there have been many downs in the last year but somehow through all of that, Saloukee and Sarah came out the other side … grinning like a Cheshire cat!

The book is going just fantastically and I am enjoying the writing and interaction with others designers, more than I thought possible. I’m on to project two and I am hoping the rest of the book continues to be a pleasure!

I’ve also been working hard over the last week, teaching myself some lovely html to update my website. I can’t say I’m naturally gifted on the computer but I’ve actually found the challenge of learning something completely out of my comfort zone, wierdly addictive. Though I can guarantee a headache at the end of each day and I’m not entirely convinced that frowning all day is good for my wrinkles … the experience has been enlightening, none the less!

So do check out the cheeky additions to the website here … sending our love from Saloukee HQ x


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