Saloukee … perfect for first year paper wedding anniversary …

This summer has been many amazing things for me…but most notably a summer of weddings …

It was the first time I had the honour of being a chief bridesmaid, this was to my lovely, beautiful best friend Gemma …

It was also the first time to be a bridesmaid at a family wedding … for my baby brothers fiancee (now wife) Jo…

Being involved so closely with these amazing weddings, it was touching to see all the love in the air! Being a bit of a sentimental old goat myself, I thought long and hard about the presents to get these people who meant so much to me.

So me being me, what better thing to do than stick to what I know best…being a little quirky creative…

so for my lovely Gemma … I secretly placed disposable cameras on all of the outside tables at the weddings, allowing guests to snap at their leisure. I also scurried round all evening (with the help of the other lovely bridemaids) chatting to guests and getting them to write a little note to the bride and groom as good wishes for their lives together.

Then when the happy couple were away on her honeymoon I preceded to get all crafty and put together an album full of surprise photos and notes from all her loved ones.

Here are a few snapshots from my creation:

Being the very special girl she is, I also was determined that she should have a piece of Sarah Kelly jewellery on her for her big day. With the traditional wedding choice that she made, I opted for a simple silver chain, with a single Fresh Water Pearl, delicate Aqua Marine and hand carved cast silver heart pendant. Though I gave her this two weeks before (I couldn’t cope with any tears on the day if she hated it!)

I also surprised her on the morning of her wedding with another piece of jewellery. This was a piece I’d made during my second year at university and never had a more perfect time come to give it to someone special.

Now, you’ll have to forgive my somewhat amateur attempt at photography in my second year at University! But I set myself the brief at the time to make a set of commercial silver rings using the lost wax process. At the time I wanted to emphasise how the giving of jewellery was always something of love from the giver and something to cherish from the receiver. (To which I still very much believe and  honour.)

The ring on the right, I wear everyday. Engraved in phonetics on the underside it says ‘Hold tenderly that which you cherish’.

The ring on the left says (still sat in its box, waiting to be claimed by the right person) says ‘Friends are kisses blown to us by angels’.

The middle ring, the ring I gave to Gemma, I set with a Peridot stone on the underside. Perdiot meaning ‘healthiness and happiness in marriage’.

For me, giving gifts of jewellery has so much sentiment and I hope when clients purchase my jewellery, it is because they have very much felt the same way.

Now my brother and his lady needed a greatly different present. I thought long and hard about this. How to get something thoughtful, without interfering on the brides territory on the day/on the honeymoon/in newly married life!

I decided the safest option was not to organise something as a present on the day, nor I thought it would be safe to surprise them with something during their honeymoon (I know their itinerary was fun-packed). Instead I thought that it would be nice for them to have something to come home to. They live in the Outer Hebrides (a far, far off land!) and there’s not a huge amount to do out there, so I put together a hamper of fun things for them to keep them a little busy after the excitement of their wedding on the return home, the start of their new lives together.

Now most of the things in there probably seem really random to anyone else but I hope they’ll be a perfect concoction of things to enjoy and do together as husband and wife. My best finds included:

A personalised address stamp with their new married names on, available from Billet Doux.

A strawberry, stem remover…perfect for picnics ; ) available from Lakeland.

…and my final find, was this beautiful anniversary book which I hope they keep forever, check out Amazon to see the a sneak peek of the inside.

…and then that has me thinking all about anniversaries…it seems more and more folk are celebrating wedding anniversaries in style … and so they should! I have been getting more and more enquiries about special gifts made in paper, especially to signify first year anniversaries.

Therefore I’m making a special effort to let people know that, me being me, (the sentimental old goat that I am) I’d like Saloukee to specialise in exactly that … First year wedding anniversary gifts.

Not only am I happy to make an extra special effort to wrap these gifts beautifully but I now also include a ‘memento slip’ within the jewellery box, with customised date and message to your loved one.

Saloukee welcomes any specific requests or commissions and will do all possible to cater to your needs … so if you have something in mind or want to pick my brain further, just drop me a line here.

Sending love and best wishes x

  1. They’re gorgeous gifts (you senitmental old goat!) and I think that’s a perfect direction for a line of Saloukee products – do have fun with it! xx

    • saloukee said:

      Thanks becca…one day I would love to design stationary sets and paper-ee gift packs in real saloukee-style…and I think it would be a lovely direction to take…now to make it work..hmmm 🙂 thank you for your kind words xxx

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