Spring is here and time for some fresh ideas…

It’s now officially Spring and this time of year always seems to bring a little more optimism to people when the sun is shining outside when you wake up in the morning.

Spring on 'emedemarta' blog

Spring on ’emedemarta’ blog

At the start of this year I’d found myself buried for months in my book … with some days feeling like I made giant steps … and other days feeling like I’d made no progress at all but I persevered and now I see light at the end of the tunnel. For most of the process it has been a pleasure. To work with 5 very talented designers,  from product, textile and educational backgrounds has been eye opening and I hope I’m correct when speaking on their behalf, to say that it’s been a steep and welcomed learning curve for everyone involved.

I always dreamed of writing a book. Yet I can’t say I ever thought it would grace my path, at this stage of my career and at the age of 27. Quite surreal to think that I’ll be an author by the age of 28 … not that it hasn’t aged me more quickly in the process!

book writing-editing-changing

book writing-editing-changing

But after having many ‘full-on’ day of reading, editing, checking, changing then changing back again, writing and then rewriting and then writing some more, I find it strange that I often crave a little bit of light relief by writing my a blog entry! …

But really I wanted to write this blog as a bit of visual light relief. It’s great to have a nose around some other blogs and see what inspires and takes your fancy … and these are just a few little beauties that have caught my eyes in recently …

Joji Kojima On 'A Thousand Facets' Blog

Joji Kojima On ‘A Thousand Facets’ Blog

ORISHIKI Suitcase found on Behance network

ORISHIKI Suitcase found on Behance network


Ropes by Christian Haas on Pleat Farm

Ropes by Christian Haas on Pleat Farm

Hina Aoyama Paper cuts on Upon a Fold

Hina Aoyama Paper cuts on Upon a Fold

and watch my new inspirations come to ‘light’ with my new collaborative work with designer Hannah Stockham, we will be showing our work in a showcase hosted and organised by Make:Space in April, join our Facebook or newsletter for more details.

With love and good fortune, Saloukee x


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