Best of British to you with love from Saloukee …

So this summer it’s so exciting to be in old blighty, we’re being overtaken by all things British! I wanted to write a blog post in celebration of this … so here it is …

What a wonderful year to come to London as a tourist … the London Marathon, the Chelsea flower show, the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Royal Ascot, Henley Royal regatta, Wimbledon and of course not forgetting the Olympic games to be held here later on in the summer.

We might not be able to guarantee the weather (always pack a brolly) and our public transports efficiency leaves something to be desired (always leave yourself an extra hour) but really we do do heritage, history and generally being able to throw one hell of party pretty well!

We like our stiff upper lip and our cup of tea from a china cup, we’re fond of our glowing red skin (from any possible flash of sun that graces us with its presence), we get off on have a grumble about very day things and from eating our fish and chips by the sea side with a wooden fork. We’re happy to remain reserved and think things that we daren’t tell to someone face, we enjoy liking the Royal family when it means we get extra bank holidays … and yes we will find any excuse to have a celebratory glass of wine!

If you have the pleasure of visiting during this splendid time then why not see some of the everyday things that Britain has to offer …

A spot of shopping at Liberty

A spot of history at the Victoria and Albert Museum

A spot of acting at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

A spot of nature at Kew Gardens

A spot of Royalty at Buckingham Palace

So think regal, think patriotism, think bunting and Union Jack plastic hats, Britain get out your old weathered pasting tables and your paper plates …

… grab your bottle of Pimms, your strawberries and cream, your picnic blanket (and your rain mac) and head out this weekend, meet your neighbours, call your friends, gather up your families … there’s some thoroughly British fun to be had!

So best of British to you … enjoy your Jubilations!

With best wishes from Saloukee xxx


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