Wednesday What to Wear … Independence day inspiring fashion …

We’re excited to post that we’re beginning a regular ‘what to wear’ Wednesday blog item. It’s a chance for us here at Saloukee to give you inspiration at to how to wear your Saloukee Jewellery … with what outfits, what colours and what latest trends.

The perfect place to find inspiration for stylish creations is a community called Polyvore. We’ve been aware of Polyvore for a while now but really have discovered how much talent is on there lately … have you discovered it yet?

ImageHeadquartered in Silicon Valley, Polyvore is the web’s largest fashion community site, where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world. With over 15 million monthly unique visitors, Polyvore’s global community has created over 44 million sets that are shared across the web.

So for our first ‘Wednesday What to Wear’ we wanted to honour of the 4th July and the US’s Independence day (a commemoration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776) we wanted to highlight an outfit that we feel encompasses that. Think stripes, think red and blue and think glamour!

Indepence day outfit on Polyvore
This user, fashionista srbcat teams a nude coloured Valentino bag with complementary wedges, a striped tunic and Yves Saint Laurent rouge lipstick and red nails. Not to forget the jewel in the crown, a bright, fresh red pair of Saloukee Disperse earrings: Individually hand made with moisture resistance embossed laser cut paper and hand made silver hoops with silver stud backs. A bold yet elegant statement that’s sure to get you noticed and a perfect outfit for any independent girl celebrating Independence Day in style!
Saloukee Disperse Earrings in Fresh Red
Wishing all our American followers a lovely day, filled with smiles : )
With love from Saloukee x

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