What To Wear Wednesday … Sunny Summer Yellow

So here you are, your second instalment of our ‘what to wear’ Wednesday blog feature. The perfect place to find inspiration for a stylish sunny summer outfit courtesy of g-iluias from the creative community on Polyvore.

With summer looking a little drab in Ye Old Blighty this year, it’s a great excuse to sneak abroad for a last minute get away. Perhaps you’ve had something booked for a while and need a little refresher to the wardrobe, so why not treat yourself to addition? You can’t but think happy, smiley thoughts when you wear yellow. It’s bright, fresh and fun. Here our limited edition Summer sunshine yellow earrings have been teamed with a striped dress, a budget buy from Topshop, coupled with yellow heels and a jewelled clutch. A great combination that we love!

Saloukee limited edition earrings in sunny yellow

The best thing is our full colour range of Disperse earrings are currently on SALE exclusively at Boticca.com, ONLY UNTIL 15th JULY 2012.


More instalments soon, love from Saloukee x


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