Behind the scenes of our fashion shoot: Strands Diffusion Jewellery Collection

Our new collection has been really well received and we’d like to thank you for everyones support. As a designer it’s always a big leap of faith launching a new collection to the world, especially when it’s been just a big thought in your head and your hands for so long.

Not only have the neon and pastel neck pieces received some very stylish press from the likes of Elle Magazine online and The Sunday Times Style Magazine but we’ve also shipped orders to clients all around the world. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the collections continuing success : )

A lot of work went on behind the scenes to enable us to launch the collection, lots of designing, making, trials and tribulations and the culmination of much of the hard work was a day shooting the pieces. It was a fun day made possible by the work of a full team of creatives and perhaps the odd cup of tea and slice of cake … or two ; )

Photography by Sam Roberts

Make up by Kate Gill

Hair by Sonya Park Howie

Modelling by Lizzie Towndrow

Styling by Sarah Kelly and Sarah Louise Matthews

We wanted to show you a sneak peek because as we hope you can see, it really it was a very fun day and we can’t wait to plan the next shoot … which reminds us, we really should be getting our design head and hands in place again very soon  : )

Love Saloukee xxx

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