What To Wear Wednesday … London Olympic Games 2012 stylee!

Eek it’s been a month already since we started out ‘what to wear’ Wednesday blog feature. We’re excited to be sharing this week’s selection by Tristi94 from Polyvore. A stylish pick just in time for the run up to the London Olympics. There’s a great atmosphere in England at the moment, especially in London …. not only because the sun has decided to make an appearance for the first time in months but also the Olympic opening ceremony is just a few days away!  The country has been preparing for years for 2012 and we’re sure as hell not going to get our outfit choice wrong for the occasion!

And why would we not go out without causing a glance or ten, a few dropped jaws and of course we want to ruffle a few feathers, otherwise what IS the point of fashion?

So we’re talking a combo neon yellow, neon pink, neon orange combined with pretty pastel shades of coral and baby blue, yes they work though perhaps not all together ALL AT ONCE!! Go on, try it, make the statement, be bold and rock that party/event, those drinks, make sure you’re not forgotten in a hurry. We LOVE our neon yellow loops necklaces teamed with this bag, a studded beaut from  Poupee Couture, also available from Boticca.

We’re sure the ceremony is going to be spectacular with lots of colour, lighting, special affects and WOW factor, so let your outfit do the same kind of talking ; )

Have a great Games! With love, Saloukee x

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